Behind the Freckles

img_8089-1In a nutshell

Hates wearing pants. Favorite pastime is comforting dogs during thunderstorms. Kicked endometriosis in the ass this year. Prefers books over reality. Florist. Gardens a lot with her husband – sans pants @TheHaffeysGarden.

Not in a nutshell

For the last four years I have been living with chronic pain from Stage IV endometriosis and interstitial cystitis. Life after college was starting out just as anyone else’s might until these diseases turned my life upside down.  Big plans had to change and many dreams were put on the back burner while working towards a diagnosis.

Adjusting to this new life has been difficult, but it has given me many gifts: how to find joy in pain, the ability to blossom through adversity, and an appreciation for things I had failed to even notice before. This journey with chronic pain is unpredictable and full of unknowns.  But through the messiness I can trust that one thing will remain constant– pain may take away my bodies ability to do things, but it can never take away my true essence or self-love.

As of now, this is a space for me to spread awareness about endometriosis + living with chronic pain, random epiphanies and new happenings in my life.  I don’t believe that creativity can be forced so I don’t post on a regular basis, only when I’m feeling inspired or strongly about something.

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