Behind the Freckles


In a nutshell

Hates wearing pants. Favorite pastime is comforting dogs during thunderstorms. Kicked endometriosis in the ass this year. Prefers books over reality. Floral designer. Gardens a lot with her husband – sans pants @TheHaffeysGarden.

Not in a nutshell

For the last four years I have been living with chronic pain from Stage IV endometriosis. Life after college was starting out just as anyone else’s might until this disease turned my life upside down. A lot of plans had to change and many dreams were put on the back burner while working towards a diagnosis.

There is no doubt that adjusting to this new life has been difficult, but I have learned so much in the process: how to find joy in pain, what it truly means to love unconditionally and an appreciation for things I had failed to even notice before. This journey with chronic pain is unpredictable and full of unknowns.  But through the messiness I can trust that one thing will remain constant – that life’s beautiful moments never stop, and I can always make room for them.

As of now, this is a space for me to spread awareness about endometriosis + living with chronic pain, random epiphanies and new happenings in my life.  I don’t believe that creativity can be forced so I don’t post on a regular basis, only when I’m feeling inspired or strongly about something.

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