Behind the Freckles

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In a nutshell

Strongly dislikes wearing pants. Favorite pastime is comforting dogs during thunderstorms. Thinks socks with sandals is cool. Florist. Grows food with her husband – sans pants @TheHaffeysGarden.

Not in a nutshell

For the last five years I have been living with Stage IV endometriosis and interstitial cystitis. Life after college was starting out just as anyone else’s might until chronic pain turned my life upside down. Many dreams were put on hold while working towards a diagnosis, and then recovering from four major surgeries within the last year and a half.

Adjusting to this new life has been difficult, but I have learned so much in the process: how to find joy in pain, the ability to blossom through adversity, a greater appreciation for all good things, and a whole lot of patience.

This is a space for me to spread awareness about endometriosis + living with chronic pain. My mission is to be a voice for others who struggle with chronic illness, providing hope and understanding through raw, unfiltered writing. If I can do that, I don’t need much else to make me happy – other than the occasional taco.

I also sprinkle in random epiphanies and new life happenings.

If you’re into all that, follow along!