Holy shit i’m an aunt?

Sometimes I get caught up in the small things in life.  I’m in this bubble filled with all the things on my to-do list: vacuum the floors, figure out dinner, pay the rent, call about the washer getting repaired, get my tires aligned, get some exercise, finish work; the list goes on.

There are days when I am able to escape my little bubble and remember that I need to relax and slow down.  I fear that these days will end up being unproductive but they always turn out to be the opposite.  Instead of thinking about ten different things at once, I am able to focus on one thing I am driven to get done that day (which ends with me crushing it!).

But there are some days when it takes something really incredible to file away all the little things that clutter my mind.  Today is one of those days. Sometimes things happen and it’s no coincidence that you needed to realize something.

Yesterday, my brother and his fiance were blessed with a baby girl; my parents with their very first grandchild.  The last nine months leading up to this have felt nothing but surreal.  Being that they are on the other side of the country, I was only able to experience the anticipation through phone call, text message and the occasional Face Time (some of those rare times that I remembered not to take technology for granted).

When I got the phone call from my mother that Christina was going into Labor, I cried.  When I got the call that the baby had arrived, I cried.  When I first saw a picture of baby Summer, I cried.  And I still cry today just at the thought of it! I know, I’m an emotional wreck…

But tears of happiness11262272_10207617760226876_2750732755225583655_o are a very rare incidence in our lives.  I cannot count the amount of times I have cried from sadness but I can count the times that I have cried out of pure bliss because those times are so far and few.

What I realized yesterday was that although my life has been flooded with new responsibilities and worries since college, it has also come with new experiences of joy and completeness that cannot be paralleled.

I always imagined the day when my siblings would start to have families of their own.  The thought of calling my self an aunt seemed so strange and now I can’t believe how quickly it has come.  Life after college isn’t just paying bills, finding a job and ditching the roommate situation.  Life in our twenties and beyond is full of once in a life time experiences.  When it’s all over, it won’t matter if you completed your to do list every week or got employee of the month.  What will make you smile (and cry) are the unforgettable moments you shared with your family and friends.


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