Having hope in the dark

"Souls survive on hope in the absence of physical evidence. Not the naive hope that everything will be hunky-dory, exactly as life used to be, but the hope that assures us, when things seem darkest, that although it doesn't look that way now, something else is also true, as one survivor put it to me." -… Continue reading Having hope in the dark


I won’t be silent

Lara Parker wrote this on Instagram a while back and I just loved it, "If you're tired of hearing about my pain, imagine how tired I am of living in pain." If it wasn't for the women who have created a voice for chronic pain sufferer's, many would still be undiagnosed, there would be very few… Continue reading I won’t be silent

A burning desire to get my life back

Four years ago, I said to myself, "this will all be over soon." Three years ago, I said, "there's no way this can last forever." Two years ago, I said, "they figured out what's wrong, just a matter of time before it's fixed." One year ago, I said, "the last stride. a few more months… Continue reading A burning desire to get my life back

The life of a chronic pain patient is sad, but it needs to be heard

I try to keep my blog posts on the positive side because people respond to that better. Which makes sense.  Hearing about other people suffering is something we innately run from.  It's hard to hear and tough to swallow.  But the truth is, people who live with chronic illness and pain don't get to turn… Continue reading The life of a chronic pain patient is sad, but it needs to be heard

Getting to know a new normal

I guess she's really not new, this new normal.  She's been hanging around for a while but made a poor first impression on me. And you know, first impressions are everything when making friends.  There's just something about her that rubs me the wrong way. Like how she'll smile at you and make you feel significant,… Continue reading Getting to know a new normal

My own age of enlightenment

In college I bought an old, brown, worn-out leather journal (typical hipster move) and wrote in it often.  As Hayden and I packed up our things to move a few days ago, I flipped through those pages full of messy handwriting that have been shut for so long.  The first chunk of pages were rambles… Continue reading My own age of enlightenment

Excision surgery for endometriosis is worth it – and so are you

Since my excision surgery with Dr. Sinervo at the CEC, I have received a lot of emails from women who are on the fence about having expensive surgery with an endometriosis excision specialist or a less costly surgery with an endometriosis specialist. It doesn't sound like it, but these two are very different. A surgeon that practices the excision technique… Continue reading Excision surgery for endometriosis is worth it – and so are you