I had one of those “I understand the meaning of life” moments

Tonight I had a moment where I felt the essence of existence.  A message of life's significance was delivered right in my lap and it took me by surprise.  For a moment, I got a glimpse of what makes our experience so remarkable.   It's doesn't happen often, those moments when you realize the value… Continue reading I had one of those “I understand the meaning of life” moments


My own age of enlightenment

In college I bought an old, brown, worn-out leather journal (typical hipster move) and wrote in it often.  As Hayden and I packed up our things to move a few days ago, I flipped through those pages full of messy handwriting that have been shut for so long.  The first chunk of pages were rambles… Continue reading My own age of enlightenment

Excision surgery for endometriosis is worth it – and so are you

Since my excision surgery with Dr. Sinervo at the CEC, I have received a lot of emails from women who are on the fence about having expensive surgery with an endometriosis excision specialist or a less costly surgery with an endometriosis specialist. It doesn't sound like it, but these two are very different. A surgeon that practices the excision technique… Continue reading Excision surgery for endometriosis is worth it – and so are you

A “bump in the road” is an understatement

Sometimes you just need to write out how you're feeling.  That is really what motivated me to start this blog in the first place. I try to avoid using this space as a place to vent, but I really need it right now so I'm going to let myself do it. I found out last… Continue reading A “bump in the road” is an understatement

My experience with excision surgery at the CEC

I just had my second lap for Stage 4 endometriosis at the Center for Endometriosis Care with Dr. Ken Sinervo.  I had endo/adhesions removed from the surface of my bowels and bladder, pelvic walls, ovaries (pretty much my entire abdominal cavity), and my diaphragm.  I also had my appendix removed and chocolate cysts from both… Continue reading My experience with excision surgery at the CEC

Tj Maxx endo nightmare 

I'm finally home after being picked up and rescued from the TJ Maxx parking lot by my mom. From the parking lot to the bedroom floor, I've been on all fours for about two hours. I haven't been able to sit on a couch or bed; the sinking effect makes the pain worse. My leg… Continue reading Tj Maxx endo nightmare 

The paperback escape 

While awaiting my surgery to remove endometriosis, a million thoughts spun around my head every day.  Mostly, bad ones - but some good.  I was eager to have surgery and get that giant endometrioma taken care of.  After all, I could feel it with every step I took (very small steps I might add) and reminded… Continue reading The paperback escape